The crest of Loyalty Lodge No. 7154 was designed by W. Bro. P G Idle L.R.T.B.A. and although simple in design, is, in many ways symbolic of Freemasonry.

The star has long been emblematic of Divine Guidance, for which we look in all our affairs, however, this particular star form has a further meaning, in that it is a seven pointed star, representative of the seven required in Freemasonry to make a Lodge perfect and regular.

The central rose is the accepted symbol of loyalty, owed by us to God, the Monarch, the Craft and all our fellow men. In detail, the rose is formed with two circles of five petals each, which remind us of the five points of fellowship, and the five who hold a Lodge. The well defined centre symbolises the point from which no Mason can err.

In conclusion, the central rose is also the emblem of the County of Hampshire in which Province the Lodge was founded on Thursday 15th May 1952 at the Scarborough Rooms, High Street, Aldershot.

The ceremony was performed by R. W. Bro. W Attenborough M.B. B.Sc. Provincial Grand Master, Hampshire and Isle of Wight.

The Lodge now meets at the Farnborough Masonic Centre Alexandra Road, Farnborough GU14 6BS on the second Thursday of September (Installation), November, January, March and May.

Loyalty Lodge is a very happy, friendly lodge, made up of members of varied backgrounds. We have some members with a long service to Masonry in general and Loyalty Lodge in particular. We also have keen younger members who are making their way up the ladder to the ultimate position of Worshipful Master, the highest honour the Lodge can bestow which is the reward for hard work and determination.

We at Loyalty Lodge take pride in the quality of our ceremonies and endeavour to maintain the high principles set by our founding members.

We extend a very warm welcome to any Masons visiting the area, and also to anyone interested in joining us, either as a new or joining member. If you wish to get in touch with us, you can find details on the Contact page.

If you would like to read a detailed history of Loyalty Lodge, produced in 2002 to celebrate the lodge's 50th year, you can do so by clicking here (opens a pdf document).

Please click here to see Loyalty Lodge's 'Family Tree'.